Big News for Hampton Creek on Ecorazzi

The struggle for making vegan food more available has been a major impediment for a number of years. Vegan prepared food has been not only hard to find, but any food that was available was usually quite expensive. However, one of the pioneers in premade vegan food, Hampton Creek, has been in the news lately and that news is good for people who adhere to a vegan diet.

As touched on earlier, the availability of premade vegan food has been a major problem. However, an article about Hampton creek on Ecorazzi seems to suggest that these problems of availability may be a thing of the past. It seems that there are a number of developments that have just made Hampton Creek a lot more accessible to the average food buyer.

The first development is that Compass Foods, a major food service provider, has just announced that Hampton Creek will become their provider of baking mixes and salad dressings. Not only will this mean more production from the vegan food provider, it has even broader ramifications.

Because of the sheer size and scope of the Compass Group, this means that Hampton Creek products will find themselves in over 85 food services warehouses belonging to Sysco and U.S. Food. These two companies are two of North America’s largest food suppliers to restaurants and grocery stores alike.

On a smaller but an exciting note, it was recently announced that all 7-11 stores will be switching to Hampton Creeks Simply Mayo for all of their premade sandwiches and Just Mayo will replace all current mayo condiments that are already in stores. While those will mean more products will be sold, it also makes for excellent exposure for the Just Mayo product. It’s an opportunity for vegan products to get a good amount of exposure to the non-vegan eating public.

The fact is that vegan prepared food has had a long and hard fought battle to have equal footing with other more traditional food products. With these advances, it’s looking more and more like that equality is slowly being accomplished. Whether it’s from an exposure or a production standpoint, these sorts of developments are good for Hampton Creek and good for vegans. In addition, this looks like only the beginning.

I Found a Site Online That Helps Me Remember My Life Back Home

I never realized that I would be homesick until I moved to this country and found myself yearning for so many things that I had been around all my life. I didn’t want to feel that way, but it happened anyway. I used to race to my grandmother’s after school each day to watch Japanese dramas with her. Then we would discuss them together after each show ended. I missed them so much. One day, I decided to do a search online and found out that I can watch them here in the US. Jdrama is the name of the site that I go to. It does not cost me a thing to view episodes there. It reminds me so much of my time spent with my grandmother.

My grandparents were some of the best people that I have ever known. Continue reading →

What You Need to Know About Rooting

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A great software

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The best video converter

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I Have Been Won over to the IPhone

I was reluctant to hop on the iPhone phase. I really thought that people who purchased iPhones were a little pretentious. I thought they were purchasing the phone not because they liked its capabilities but instead they were purchasing it because they wanted to show it off to other people. However, a few months ago I had the ability to use an iPhone for an extended period of time. Now I realize that it is a nice piece of machinery. I am hoping to figure out how to unlock iPhone 5 so that I can have an iPhone that I can use with whatever phone company I choose.

Helping Brian

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What Can You Do to Speed Up Your Computer?

It is so annoying to work using a computer that is running slow. Most of the times your computer is running worse than usual when you are in a hurry. Many people think that it is too expensive to take the computer to a technician, so he can check what the problem is and fix it if possible. A good alternative that does not require to spend money is getting the Registry Clean Up. That will help you to speed up windows 7 and to work again like if you were using a brand new computer. Download it from the website

Amazing VPN application

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Slideshow Software Problems

I think that the slideshow software that I downloaded didn’t download all of the way or something. This is the first time that I am using it and I am part of the way through the first upload of my pictures and I keep getting all sorts of errors. All I wanted to do was basically put a slideshow together of my recent vacation and I can’t even get all of the photos to go up so I can work with them. Is there something I may be doing wrong or something in my settings I should have turned on or shut off?